Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Doodles, Bugs

So my favorite doodlebug is, of course, Doodlebug from Cleopatra Jones. Also, I like drawings in marginalia.

My Nana used to doodle, I wish I had one of those still. She would draw Veronica Lake again and again. Her TV Guide was filled with Veronicas Lake.

Other famous doodlers? I found some on this site here.

Here's Sylvia Plath doodling away in her diary. The site points out the marshmallow chasing the hot dog, I was mostly fascinated by her girly handwriting. Not at all what I expected the penmanship to look like under the bell jar.

My favorite of course is this one by Vladimir Nabokov. Of course he would draw a cockroach in his copy of Metamorphosis. And also of course, he would take issue with the translation. What a mind.

And speaking of our dear friend Franz, here's Kafka's doodlings. A whole story library here in just a few scribbles.
Thanks, doodlers. And God, Bless.

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