Monday, February 7, 2011

Sprouts Dreams (Are Made of This)

So last weekend Brian and I decided to get up to some cookery adventures. A friend of his is working on a cookbook, so we were testing a recipe for ease and tastiness.

We started with INGREDIENTS.

Also, we started with BRIAN and INGREDIENTS.

As you can see, there are brussel sprouts, one of those butternut squashes that I always assumed were just for decoration, 2 kinds of cheese (Brian specified NOT the parm that comes in the green can and never expires), some spices, lemon, and wine for drinking. Also Brian made a "galette" the night before, which is a bready thing. The recipe is called "Butternut Squash and Brussels Sprout Galette," so it appears we have everything and are ready to start.

First up, chopping the decorative gourd.

One must chop carefully with the new sharp knife I got.

Look inside! It smelled like Hallowe'en in my kitchen.

Next, chopping brussel sprouts. I like the sprouts, but have oddly never cooked them before.

Brian started shredding the gruyere.

I guess we forgot to photograph all the steps. We steamed the sprouts, then dunked them in ice water to arrest the cooking process. I don't really have ice but some frosty Amstel Lights came in handy.
We mixed up the sprouts & squash in a bowl with some spices.

Mix mix mix.
Popped them in the oven for a spell.

And then took them out. Cooked!

Brian carefully unwrapped the galette that he had brought with him. It was a little frozen from the commute. Winter is cold!
Time to roll it out. I don't have a rolling pin, but Sapporo comes in hand. Never use Amstel for rolling galettes, the cans are too small. It's important to always use the correct tools in the kitchen.

Roll roll, mix mix.
See how the squashes and sprouts look different now that they've been in the oven? That's the science of cooking.
Mmmm, gruyere base for the galette.
And now some vegetables.

And top with parm.
Pinch pinch, like a baby.
Yum. And yet, not cooked yet.
Voila! Now it's cooked.
Cut it in half evenly, so there are no fights.

And, eat!
And eat and eat.
So now you know, that's what cookery with friends, and vegetables, is all about. And that's a delicious way to spend a Sunday evening.

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