Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You Say Pi-CASS-o, I Say Pi-CAH-sso

Congrats to the anonymous bidder who won "Nude, Green Leaves, And Bust" at auction last night for $106.5 million. This 1932 beaut was last sold in the early 50s, for just under $20k. If I can get that kind of return on my house in 5, 6 years, I'll be in clover.Speaking of houses, while this painting is sure pretty, it's not my favorite by Pablo. That would be this buddy from the Art Institute of Chicago, which has made its entire collection online and available for viewing, a lovely thing.

This is "Villa in Vallauris," painted in 1951, the year before "Nude, Green Leaves" was sold for $19k.
I'm not sure why I this one so much, but bully for me that I do. I was in Chicago for a book fair maybe ten years ago, and on a free day toured the museum. There's something so calming (despite the cubism) of this house.

It's what I picture my second home in the Hudson Valley looking like, and it's the reason I keep socking money into that HSBC "High Interest" earning account, with its 0.75% annual rate. Every day I get a little closer chums, then you're all invited for cocktails on the lanai.


ddb said...

Picasso always reminds me of how I called in sick one day at the Book Barn in '96 (shhh!) and went to see the exhibit at the MOMA with a boy. I still have the magnet of my favorite painting from that day: Maya in a Sailor Suit. Memories!

Jonathan said...

I like Boy Leading a Horse. It is just before his more well know abstract work. I like his subtle play with proportion and spatial depth. If I chose from the later period, Guernica stands out for me. I saw it in the flesh two years ago in Madrid in the most horrible lighting ever curated by a museum.