Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Choral Line

So on Saturday night, a fun time was had by all at Paul's Renaissance Choral group's performance.

They play music from the 1500s, so basically you're listening to exactly the music that Jesus heard.

I tried to follow along with the Latin in the program, but sometimes they stretched out the syllables or doubled back and there was no bouncing ball to follow.

Anyway, it sure was fun anyway, and some people who can hear different notes and pitch and stuff got even more out of it than me.

One thing I liked this morning was my visit to their website, and not just because the layout and font made me feel like I was dialing up on the interwebs during the commercials of Mad About You, but also because there are nice pictures of Paul performing.

My favorite part? It might have been their marketing material as they requested donations. Poor, misspent youthing Chelsea Melissa.

But then I remembered this photo and everything else was a blur.

Culture. The End.

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ALH said...

I love Paul. Even though he never called me.