Friday, May 14, 2010

A Lady, A Dame, and a Sir Go On A Journey

Check out the royalty assembled! The quality of this clip ain't so great, but that's Dame Shirley Bassey, Sir Elton John, and Lady GaGa covering Journey. I mean, what else?

Go Rain Forest!


Jonathan said...

So in all, Ms. Bassey (in gold), Mr. John (the queen), Lady Gaga (strange shoes), Mr. Springsteen (born in the USA), and Sting (ouch). But who was the bombshell (wig?)? And what do scantily clad boys have to do with the rain forest? Or is that just a part of Elton John's contract.

CRD said...

That would be Miss Debbie Harry. And yes, I'm sure scantily clad boys are part of Sir Elton's rider. Get it? RIDER?

ALH said...

I think you made this up.