Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Japanese Eat The Darndest Things

Really, Japan?

According to this here article, there are 19 different Kit Kat flavors in Japan.

This one here is kind autumnal. I was never one of those people who liked the pumpkin-spiced latte at Starbucks, but if I did I'd get the Pumpkin Kit Kats for dunking.

Mmm, Pineapple. Don't eat this one, Amber!

I love Watermelon.
Mmmm, Corn. BARF
This one makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it.
This one at least makes sense. Green Tea!
Anyway, The End. I know someone in Japan right now, I look forward to getting all 19 flavors as my souvenir.


Kevin said...

If the Japanese put as much effort into engineering quality cars as they did on confecting all this nonsense, I'd be able to drive my Prius without crashing into a wall!

ALH said...

I hope someone brings me some nonsensical KitKats home, too! And a Prius!