Monday, March 1, 2010

Gloria: In Excelsis Deo, Indeed

So I watched this on Friday night, thank you Netflix-Instant-Watch-Thing.
Zach was indifferent, but I was fascinated. I mean, it was TERRIBLE and yet SO AWESOME at the same time.

Gena Rowland's ex-boyfriend runs the mob apparently, and then kills her next-door neighbors (the father was a canary about to sing), and she somehow ends up taking care of their son, played by probably the worst child actor ever known to man, woman, or kitty. And then, they're on the run, and every place they go - a city bus, a restaurant in Penn Station, the downtown 1 train - there's mob guys after them.

One part I really liked was seeing NYC in 1980 - the location shots are worth the viewing alone. That, and when Ms. Rowlands says "Okay, you bananas, get away from the kid!"

Here's an ad for the movie, which I guess someone taped off the TV with their betamax:

The sound is a little weird on this clip, but it pretty much illustrates why the movie is so great:

Anyway, that's the movie. The ending was like everything else in it - about as coincidence-ridden as An American Tail, but you know what? That's fine. Thank you, Ms. Rowlands, and God, Bless.

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