Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bunny Madness! Also: Cracker? I Hardly Knew Her. You Cracker.

It happened again!

I received another Ransom Note from a large bunny for my nephew's safe return. All that's missing is today's newspaper in his paws.

This time it came accompanied by a drawing of me & [kitty] Zach. I guess I can sort of see the likeness.

Anyway, since I'm on the baby topic, here's another photo I liked. Mmm, yogurt. Hope it doesn't make his nose run.
Oh and the final bit of news? This bit from my sister:

Zach's word of the day today.... Crack whore. He's trying to say cracker, but sadly emphasizes the syllables awkwardly.

Really, depending on the context, neither one is good.

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ddb said...

It's like that bunny is taunting you.