Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Pearl Within A Pearl

If there's one thing I love, it's celebrity dame memoirs. And if there's one other thing I love, it's crazy editions of them. There's the zany copy of Shelley Winters' memoir I blogged about once, if you might recall. I had assumed this signed copy of Pearl's Kitchen would remain the pride and joy of the B section of my bookshelf.

Casual browsers of said bookshelf might have noticed the gap in said Bailey section:

Well, no more! A trip to the Strand on Sunday solved that, with bonus Miss Peggy Lee, more on that another day I'm sure.

But what fell out of the book you might say? What's this, a letter?

Here it is zoomed in, in 3 pics (I was too lazy to bring the scanner out from under the bed).

Hopefully you can read cursive. If you can, you'll see that as Ronne (Ronni?) wrote Jordon on that fateful August day in 1997 (could I have been bowling for Amber's birthday at the moment she scribbled her tale? It's likely), our letter-writer had an affair with Pearl's husband! He would pretend to go to the "store" and call! And he had a nice Jaguar XKE! What memories. When she was young and tiny, there were a few old (50 and up) Hollywood Types after her.

I feel like Charlie when the golden ticket popped out of the candy bar. If you need me, I'll be at the frame store. God Bless, America.

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ALH said...

That is the most amazing thing. Ever. And, it could never have happened if you read the bio on a Kindle.