Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Figs Are Alright

Sometimes people say, "is Brian the only person you cook with?" And I say, "no sometimes, I cook with Amber, or Colleen, or Evan [but somehow we never photo-document those adventures]." But then also sometimes I cook with Matt.

We decided to go a vegetarian route on Thursday, which means we cooked VEGETABLES and no MEAT. Some vegetarian meals are boring, but I sat in my new chair and flipped through the recipe books until I came up with a good one: baked pasta with bleu cheese, figs, and brussel sprouts. Yum, right?

So, here we start with the INGREDIENTS, and the COOKBOOK. With MATT, and BENDER, for scale.

Look at the beautiful job I did chopping up the SPROUTS! I used the new sharp knife that some people avoid, and yet I didn't chop off a single digit.

Matt's good at cutting things up too, so he did the FIGS. He has to stand kinda funny since my kitchen island is a bit low, but that's OK. Maybe by next time we cook I'll have a new kitchen island, or Matt will be shorter.
My job now is to pour the PASTA into BOILING WATER. You can tell I'm doing a good job since I'm shaking the bag, and MYSELF.

In a little bit, you add the SPROUTS, and everything gets to boil together at the same time! Like a hot tub at a fancy resort.

NOT PICTURED: drain the SPROUTY-PASTA mixture. Then, put it all back in the POT.


And...the BLEU CHEESE! Mmmm, Bleu Cheese. I can't really think of anything, except maybe breakfast cereal, that Bleu Cheese doesn't improve.

With the cheese added, you mix it all up. With TONGS!

Put it in a OVEN PAN, and mix it up a bit.

Then, SIT and WAIT while it cooks up.

Later...Yum! All cooked.

Serve it up!

And, EAT. One thumbs up!
One fork up. Good job, team.
Sometimes, you forget to add the CHOPPED ALMONDS. And yet, you get to eat them anyway the next day as a healthy SNACK.

The End.

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Brian said...

Remember one of the things we discussed last time we cooked? Maybe we can make that happen with this goodlooking Matt fella.