Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Is How We Do It, Waterfall Style

A frequent commenter on this site once said "Please explain what the hell is going on in these photos. Thank you." in reference to the last post I made on the waterfalls. Thus, a step by step on how you conquer every fear you've ever had by rappelling down a waterfall in Costa Rica.

First, you get all cinched in by the ticos.

Helmets, pads, belty things.

Then you cross a horrifying rope bridge.

Jump in and flop about in the water a bit.

Then you get to SLIDE DOWN a waterfall, like you're in an amusement park. Also, you bruise up your back a bit.

One tico scurries down the falls, then another ties you in and sorta explains to you what you're supposed to be doing (but mostly you gotta figure it out yourself).

Then? You just position yourself over the edge, lean back, and heave off.

See how far down that little man is?

Also, maybe you fall once or twice and have to pull yourself up. Confidence building!

Then you're at the bottom. Like superheroes!

God bless our brave men of Costa Rica.


Kevin said...

Gracias! The picture is much more, as they say, claro. I had trouble before determining your vector of travel. The only thing still a tad unclear is the part about sliding down the falls on your bum. I guess that it's a tiered waterfall? Like a big fancy cake? You slide down halfway and then rappel the rest of the way?

ALH said...

Kevin is CURIOUS. Or as they, curioso.

Kevin said...

Also the Spanish-speaking audience might be interested to know this:

ALH said...

I don't think I ever actually went there.

CRD said...

I sure did, in college. They didn't card!