Friday, January 21, 2011

Like Chocolate & Peanut Butter

OK, so last year when I drove to Maryland and back to see my nephew, I listened to Della Reese the entire way. This year? I played the new Kanye on loop back and forth.

Mashing up what might be the best song with the Muppets? An act of extreme disrespect or genius?

I mean, if you can make the Virgin Mary out of elephant poop and call it art, then this too deserves its spot in the Brooklyn Museum. And Miss Piggy oinking out the best rap in the piece? My life is complete. Right key, right hole baby.


ALH said...

But doesn't the new Kanye make you want to start a bar fight? It does me. It makes me feel bad.

Also, "hole." He he heh.

CRD said...

I don't get it. That Della Reese song is about a locksmith.