Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Birthday Boy Beinecke Boffo

Today is special because it's my friend John's birthday. Things I like about John include: he's nice, he has the same name as my pop, and he spends his day with an X-acto knife trimming prints at the Beinecke Library, which is my favorite G-rated image source on the internets.

It's where I got the gorgeous Pearl Bailey images that are framed in my apartment, and it's where I found these gems - from the Carl van Vechten collection.

I loved Anais Nin at one point. I must have re-read Spy In The House Of Love a dozen times.

God Bless you, Carol Channing.
Ooh, and you too, Midge. I mean, Barbara Bel Geddes.

Tallulah Bankhead with a baby lion? Bring. It. On.

Art is great. I can't wait for my tour of the place!


Kevin said...

Tallulah's nose is bigger than the lion's.

CRD said...

There's some Life of Pi joke here about which of the two you'd rather have in your lifeboat, but I'm not awake enough yet to make it.

ALH said...

Carol Channing is passing so well in that photo!


Barbara is adorable.