Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And That Reminds Me, October-Style

Well, I'm behind in the navel-gazing. Here's what brought y'all here in October:

As usual, about two dozen people searching for my buddy Sirotan. After that?
  • ashera cat
  • canadian dish
  • coco's revenge
  • doris day
  • farley granger hairy - really?
  • goodnight kiwi picture
  • iggy pop wallpaper - Multiple variations of this! Star Wars wallpaper, I wanted that. What kid wants Iggy Pop wallpaper?
  • millie jackson caught up
  • montgomery clift hairy - what is this with the hairy gay stars of the 50s?
  • natalie wood signature
  • natalie wood spanked - pervs
  • plural of hairy
  • slicins
  • thing 1 and 2 pants
  • thing one and thing two pants - Is this a Dr. Seuss thing?
  • what is slicins
  • why is slicins
Why is slicins, indeed?

The best part? Here's the google image result for "Farley Granger hairy."

In Conclusion, here's Miss Della Reese with a song about memory.

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