Thursday, December 23, 2010

Walken On By

So I'm Walken back from the bank at lunch today, and I hear a very familiar voice behind me. I froze, then thought of fear, then of dancing, then of staying away from the side of the boat.

Turned around - yep. I don't get super-excited by celeb sightings, but in this case it was the celeb hearing that got me goosed. Whatta voice. I'd pay to listen to him read the phone book to Michael Caine.

Also? He was talking about Toscanini, which he pronounced Toska-ninny. What a world.


ALH said...

I wish Walken had played the baddie in BLUE VELVET. Then he could have sung, "In dreams, I walken with you."

ddb said...

I like that you thought of dancing.

ddb said...

I would have thought of him reading "Good Night Moon" in that Simpsons episode. Skooch closer, children!