Friday, August 6, 2010

Stilettoes, Broken Bottles, Winters, Reynolds

So last night Robyn & Kelis ruled my world. They are without a doubt, the Grace Jones of 2010.

I was trying real hard to think of an accurate comparison though for those pals of mine who might be curmudgeons, or otherwise aren't familiar with two of the greatest pop singers of this summer.

Basically, not since Shelley Winters & Debbie Reynolds shared the silver screen in What's The Matter With Helen, has there been such a miraculous, Y-chromosome-free, pairing.

To wit, 1971:


Here's a bit more of the older broads.

Had Sandra Bernhard popped out like she usually does when Evan and I go to concerts together? Well, clearly we'd have our Agnes Moorehead.

God Bless, America. And Sweden, and Shelley Winters.

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ALH said...

Good analogying.