Friday, August 27, 2010

In The Family Way

And now, here is why I believe in Intelligent Design.

So I'm supposed to like my niece a whole lot, right? Well, I certainly do. She's a goofy looking little peach, and I got to thinking about the ingredients that make her up.

I had been staring at this picture here for about a half second before I figured out who she resembled:

Yup, that's right: my Nana, maybe my favorite person on earth (seen here with Baby):

Need more proof that she was intelligently designed for my love? See photo here:

That's right - she looks just like these little Loretta Lynn Muppet babies from my favorite program.

God Bless, family, and DNA, and the Lord above.


ALH said...

This made me weepy, like the Jimmy Stewart poem about the dog.

Kevin said...

The video part, at least, did not make me weepy. I kept expecting Loretta to attack them with the hot iron.