Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Special Day In Ambertown

Who has a membership in Awesome Club and a birthday today?

Nope, not Baby Zach From The Past.

I know! It's Amber!

What are some nice things about her? Let's see.

She's always nice to dinosaurs, both in my Tiemann Place apartment and at the outlet malls.

However, sometimes, she drinks too much.

Also, sometime we go to Museums and she gets Awkward.

Oh, and also, she can find out about memes WAY late. Like, last week she learned who Beyonce is.

The worstest? Sometimes, she says WICKED inappropriate things to me.

Scandal! Black Friday indeed!

But? We can still be BFFs. I just need to learn how to manage the needs for the special way in which she learns. She's never forgotten her keys again!

Anyway, this is the story of Amber's Birthday and how she is Special to me, and not in a shorty bus way. Well, not always.

Anyway, my favorite memory though is probably the time she danced with Pearl Bailey.

Happy Bday, Amber Buddy! I'm so glad you were borned so I could have all the Friendship.

I want to Birthday you like an Animal!


ALH said...

This is the most special birthday post ever. It made me cry.

Emma said...

That dress really is a good look on you, Amber. Maybe you could wear it for tonight's special Awesome Club?