Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why There Is No 'Pal' in 'Principle'

Here is the story of how I went out during lunch the other day to get cat food and turned into Ralph Nader.

The story in visuals:

As you can see I bought four cans of noms, and because I like to collect points I charged the $2.36. Whatever, it's my right.

However, the lady rang up $2.39. Not a big deal, right? And yet, the principle!

I pointed out the difference and she kept trying to tell me it was the "tax," dismissively and rudely. I stood my ground. I called over a manager and explained my story, stressing it was not about the actual money involved.

She was very nice, and gave me three pennies. Win!

But then? I got back to work and noticed that three of the four cans were $0.65 and one was $0.59, and the cashier accidentally just charged me 4 x $0.59, plus of course the three cent typo.

In the end, a boring tale, except I won a battle against the man even though it was only for three cents and really I ended up ripping them off for $0.18 (originally only $0.15), and Zach got food. Win win!


ALH said...

I love the opposite of a good GREASE joke. Or the joke of an opposite GREASE?

Kevin said...

As a cranky old person, I was inspired by this story.

ddb said...

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

ALH said...

I knew Kevin would take some lesson from this about how the kids rely too much on calculators these days.