Monday, June 7, 2010

Kittens Are A Place On Earth

One thing Evan and I like to do is go see Sandra Bernhard where she is an incidental guest at an event.

In honor of this theme, last week we went on an excursion all the way to the UES to see Ms. Bernhard interview Belinda Carlisle at a B&N, in honor of her newly published memoir, Lips Unsealed (great title).

However, not being megafans, we didn't line up at 8am that morning to buy copies of the book to get wristbands so we could sit inside the little theatre and watch the event. Instead, we sat outside on the ground in front of the Sci Fi / Fantasy section and watched it over the shoulder of some really testy queens on closed circuit TV. Whatevs.

Anyway, the real highlight was not Belinda nor Sandra. It was when we got back to my place and helped Zach put on his Sirotan disguise.

He knew it was a game so he pretended to struggle a bit.

He's such a kidder.
In the end, he was extra handsome.

So in conclusion, Friendship is great. It can be interviewing your old pal at a UES B&N about her new memoir and 30 year (THIRTY YEAR!) cocaine addiction, or it can be helping a wee little friend into his dolphin costume. God Bless, Friendship.

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