Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Id(l)es Of March

Search Engine Review Time!

I've been a bit lazy at reporting on the analytics that bring folks here. Oh well.

In March 2010, 10 people found us on the web by googling some version of "Shamrock Shake Finder." Here's how to make your own until next March:

Another 22 people googled to find out the various different ways of pluralizing things, including the following terms:

  • plural of egg [an evergreen, I'm not sure why]
  • what is the plural of breakfast
  • interesting plural
  • kiwi plural
  • plural amazing

  • plural for doris
  • plural of "child actor"?
  • plural of fanny [I guess this makes sense, is it y or ie, but still I wonder if they're going to write about multiple American fannies or British ones? What would you do wtih more than one of either?]
  • plural who

  • town plural
  • what is a plural for "amazing"?

  • what is the plural of ice cream

  • can my favourite thing be plural [confidential to this person: the answer is yes]

Another 15 people were googling "Sirotan." Here's something for you folks!:

Eight people googled "poo." I have nothing for you.

Six of you googled "Raquel Welch." In honor of this, I have ordered a copy of her new memoir, It's Not About The Cleavage, for Shorty to read & report back on.

Another four googled "Barb Jungr," I can tell you folks I'm excited to see her next month at the Metropolitan Room. Come along with me!

And then some other oddballs:
  • christopher walken natalie wood
  • sepia town
  • obama curlicue signature
  • japanese sitcom
  • grace jones
  • teaching montgomery clift how to throw a punch
  • ides of march snacks [I guess someone was planning a fancy party]
  • doris day birthday

I did a google on the Monty Clift one, I guess Howard Hawks taught him how to do that for Red River.

Anyway, that's March. Cheerio!

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