Friday, April 16, 2010

Friendship, Unlikely Style

Sometimes this week we think about what it would be like if had never met some of our BFFs.

Here's some other BFFs, out in the wild. This is on top of the tale Amber told yesterday.

This one has a dummy foreign narrator (and a 5 second ad the beginning), but otherwise is cute, and allows me to use my Otters tag.

I love Orca!, starring Charlotte Rampling, in which the titular killer whale burns down a seaside town, that they forgot to bomb, bomb bomb. In other news, this Orca likes pooches.

I wonder if this only happens in Canada?

Here's one that doesn't have a happy ending (hee hee):

Right in the Peppercorns!

And For The Win? Here's Raquel Welch, star of Myra Breckinridge, & Miss Piggy covering Miss Peggy Lee. God Bless, America.


ALH said...

If we had never met, I would be like that otter if the cat didn't adopt him.

CRD said...

I would be like the killer whale that burns down the town in ORCA! starring Charlotte Rampling. That's what I'd be like.

Anonymous said...

I bet that orca is trying to get the dog to jump in so he can have a snack. Nature is cruel people!

Anonymous said...

You have been warned.

ALH said...

Erlthegirl is the voice of nature's wrath.