Monday, February 22, 2010

Cavity Creeps! Watch out, Toothopolis!

Thanks, Gawker, for putting together this collection of 80s TV commercials. All my Nostalgia Buttons were tickled simultaneous, or whatever.

Remember My Buddy? Terrified me. IRONY

Teddy Ruxpin was pretty scary too, but that lil' kid was soooooo cute. Why was the narrator (pronounced nar-RAT-er) British?

For at least ten years, my dad woke me up with this line.

Ooh ooh! The Cavity Creeps? Does anyone else find this one a little phallic around the 17 second mark? Or am I just a big perv?

They've got more on the site, including that lady that fell down and couldn't get up and the Flintstones. Thanks, Internets.

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