Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Shortest Month

So, here we are the first week in March and it's time to see what brought folks here in Feb.

The usual search engine topics of course - "ashera cat," "Montgomery Clift hairy," and "Jennifer Runyon" (there must be some sort of business model combining those things that can turn me into a millionaire). After that the fun ones....

"hot male pirates" and "hot pirate"
I hope they found my Christopher Atkins' posts.

"leopard seals eating penguins"
Mmmm, penguin pop-ems.

"katherine helmon breasts"
I think this was Kevin.

"men in rope"
I don't think they were looking for the Farley Granger movie details.

"a picture of puss for my hung over friend"
I have no idea what brought this about, but I know for a fact that a picture of a puss would cheer me up when I'm hung over.

"alfredo gay handsome"
I have no idea but I'm going to go find this now.


Kevin said...

Katherine Helmon wasn't me! I don't even know who that is. (My search was the one about a picture for Diana when she was hungover.)

Kevin said...

Also, I was thinking that the tag for this post should be "Navels Gazing", no?

CRD said...

I don't know what you're talking about. It always is and was Navels Gazing. Tabula Rasa. Gaslight. Namaste.