Monday, August 8, 2011

A McQueen Come True

So how did I spend my Summer Friday? Well, I spent about 90 minutes of it in line at the Met to see that Alexander McQueen exhibit people won't stop yapping about.

And? Despite the wait, I'm glad I went. Now, I'm not going to say that it was the best thing in the world, or even that it was worth the long line - but it was a good time. Pretty dresses on nice mannequins in a dark room.

This here was the most impressive thing - they had the dress on display and a higher quality version of this video. I mean, this is something.

Not only is it a great performance/fashion/piece (how many of those are there, really?), but the dang model doesn't fall over and barf when the painting is done! She's a superhero.

If you would like to recreate the experience of seeing the show, read this blog on your smart phone while boarding the A/C/E train at Port Authority during rush hour.

Oh? And here's the line on Saturday, which we did NOT wait in. Know who took this picture? Al Roker. America sure is something. Our credit rating gets down-graded, 000's of people wait in line to see dresses, and our national weatherman tweets this picture during his morning jog.

Anyway, after this I took a nice nap then went to that new Spanish restaurant down the street from me. Summer Friday, you're a good thing.

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ALH said...

This interesting post and your top-notch journalism give me hope for the future of America.