Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sibling Witchery

So one thing nice about me is I have friends. Also, last Friday after eating grilled salmon some of those friends and I watched Teen Witch, the 1989 classic I had never seen.

The most fascinating thing to me was NOT the "Top That" rap (a close 2nd), but the younger brother. I had recently re-watched Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead, and was highly entertained that the little brother in that was also the little brother in Adventures in Babysitting - that young man was featured in the whole subgenre of Babysitting Adventure movies in the late 80s.

To put a point on it, the lil' brother from Teen Witch was as distracting to us as corn in a salad. Who was this actor? Was it a short lesbian in a vest? Was he ALSO played by Zelda Rubenstein?

Here he is in the opening scene:


And then, here's my favorite scene, when he is under her spell and being nice to her. He seems to be making some sort of pig call at the start:

When I'm a grown up, after I've written my first book, Shelley 3, the third volume in Shelley Winters' memoirs, and my second book, on the religious allegory in Poseidon Adventure, I'm going to do a book on the younger brothers in 80s movies. And if bookstores still exist, I hope you'll run out and buy it.

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ALH said...

Please make it available on the Kindle.