Monday, July 18, 2011

of Museums and Culture

Yesterday, I went on an educational jaunt to QUEENS. Whaaaa?!? Yep, Queens.

See, the Museum of the Moving Image had a little show about the Muppets - I'll blog about that later. The last time I went to the MoMI, it was raining, and we saw a double-feature of Night at the Opera and Der Blaue Angel. If there's one thing I can suggest, don't ever go straight from a Marx Brothers movie to one where someone dies from loving Marlene Dietrich. It does not make for a fun night. However, my companion found a $20 bill outside the museum on our walk home, so you never know.

HOWEVER, this Sunday none of that happened. Here's a few of the gems they have on display.

Elsa Lanchester's wig! Who knew the bride of Frankenstein was a ginger?

They had a whole Star Wars toy exhibit, which was pretty awesome - I remembered owning and playing with each and everyone of of the Action Figures. What I did not remember, was this quasi-NSFW C3-P0 tape dispenser.

I have a question on these books here below. Did Betty Grable, Judy Garland, and Ginger Rogers figure in as characters in these novels? A little research is in order, but I don't want to be late for work.
Furthermore, I wish I had this Julia lunchbox growing up. I loved that show. The legs really are the last thing to go.

In conclusion, my favorite bit of memorabilia was these Geraldine and Flip Wilson dolls. God, but they'd look grand on my fireplace mantle.

Television is great. Also, movies. Queens, not so bad.

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ALH said...

That's actually ONE Flip Wilson doll. On one side, it is Flip and on the other it is Geraldine.