Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mmm, Look At This Cookie, Honey

God Bless, you to pieces, Pearl Bailey.


Kevin said...

The claim that these cookie will "make baking history" (i.e., will go down in the annals of baking), rings rather oddly. But I wonder if Duncan Hines settled on that language in order to subtly signal to housewives that it would be okay if these cookies made baking "history" (i.e. Ladies, you need never bake cookies again).

I wonder if Pearl used to bake.

CRD said...

You raise very good questions.

I can answer one at least, she did bake. I know this because of the four Pearl Bailey memoirs I own, one is a cookbook. I need to get on that in this space. Maybe I'll host a Pearl Baily Dinner Party.

Kevin said...

I guess if she wasn't known as a cook, she wouldn't have made mush of a cookie-pitch lady.

Please invite me to your dinner party.