Monday, June 20, 2011

Debbie Does Deal'as; or, Reynolds' Wraps

So of course I follow Carrie Fisher's blog - what am I an, an animal?

Recently, she wrote about her mom's upcoming auction of Hollywood Memorabilia. What sort of stuff does Debbie Reynold's have kicking around in her garage?

Well, the classics, like these on-screen outfits from Yul Brynner, Vivien Leigh, and Dame Orson Welles.
An uber-classic, MM's 'Subway Dress':

Oh, and, what has two puff sleeves and is gayer than a Gay Unicorn? This guy here:

But for me? Someone please pick these two up, and agree to go to a Halloween Party with me. My No-Drag Rule would be happily, horrendously, smashed to bits.

Thanks for the memories, Debbie!

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