Friday, January 22, 2010

Photoriffic Friday

Sometimes on the internet you stumble across different things.

For example, this website of "rare" celebrity photos. Some are definitely rare, some I've seen before, but either way I enjoyed scrolling through as I sipped my coffee.

Here's a nice one of Miss Marilyn Monroe.

And here's a mother daughter pair everyone seems to like.

Like most of the snaps, this one here is undated and uncredited, but purports to be JFK & Monroe.
Hee hee. I love this one. What a pair of old broads!
Bonnie & Clyde:

And then there are some with animal friends.

Mr. Brando & a puss cat:

Dame Elizabeth Taylor and an apron puss:
Senor Salvador Dali y un rinoceronte:
And of course, Tab Hunter's boyfriend, Mr. Anthony Perkins with Audrey Hepburn and what I think might be a deer, I'm never sure.
Anyway, those are some nice pictures I choose to share with you.

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