Thursday, January 14, 2010

History Repeating

I will miss you, magazines.

Some buddy put together this little video of magazine covers from the past decade.

I'm surprised by how many I had a personal memory about, whether it was simply getting it in the mail or a particular story I read or, in some cases, catchphrases I picked up. Google is making us stooped.

I kinda feel bad for all the babies out there who will just read these in zeroes and ones. From where will they cut out their pictures of Candice Bergen and River Phoenix to hang on their bedroom walls?


ALH said...

This is an excellent post, with an excellent subtle reference to our respective childhoods.

Only, they're not dead yet.

ddb said...

Oh man, I LOVE magazines. To the point where I have a hard time tossing them. That was the scary part of moving in...that he'd see my stacks of Vogue from the last five years and judge me.