Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Holly Holly Christmas

So on Monday I saw my first holiday concert of the season - Miss Holly Cole at the Blue Note.

The show was rather aptly named "A Night Before Christmas." As my companion noted, the title would be a helpful way to teach foreigners the difference between definite and indefinite articles.

All I know is that it definitely was a great night. Along with some holiday standards, she treated us to a Tom Waits number ("Shiver Me Timbers"), the Pretender' "2000 Miles," William Bell's "Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday," and a few Cole Porter songs.Last time I saw her was in January 2007 with Doug, and it was a good show but maybe not her best - she was kinda whacked out on cold meds and kept cracking herself up during "Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries," which maybe means something, maybe doesn't.

This time, she had a kick-ass band, was in top form, and I had one of those super-sweet drinks from the Blue Note's cocktail menu, with a cherry in it, which maybe means something, maybe doesn't.

Anyway, I was very excited before the show started when I peeked at the set list the saxophonist had placed on stage, and saw that "Cry If You Want To," one of my favorites, was on deck. It didn't disappoint. Here it is from a live show in I guess 1995. Her hair isn't quite as flippy, but then again, whose still is?

And here she is doing one of my favorite holiday duets, "Baby It's Cold Outside."

Thanks Holly, for kicking off the holiday season for me. Now to pick up my advent calendar.

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ALH said...

In this economy, who has flip left in their hair?