Tuesday, January 17, 2012

El Mexi-cation mas bueno

I like America and all, what I know is true is that I had a great vacation in Mexico, and ever since I got back, I've had a bad cold. Whatevs.

What did we did? Well, at our stop in Northern California, we went kiwi picking.

Who knew? They grow on TREES.

Then, thankfully, we got to Mexico.

We had bloody maries with pico de gallo on top! Best BM ever.

Pina Coladas! Poolside.

More poolside! No Molesta!
Also? Ceviche that I would marry if it was legal. Legal Seafood, that is. Que?

And, infinity pools for afternoon cocktails.
In Conclusion: Vacation 1, Back to Work 0.

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