Monday, April 25, 2011

West of Eden

Oh Western Beef, how I love you. Let me count the ways.

Where else can one find Champagne Cola? Golden Champagne Cola at that. And only $1.19 for 3 liters!
It's always such work to make cheeseburgers, as everyone knows. Thankfully, they come prepackaged in the cold meat room at WB. Kosher!

Also, it's where I buy all my Defergent. For when you just have to defer.

And what soft drinks do you serve if it's not a special occasion? Jamaican Pineapple Kola is a lovely choice, and if it's a semi-special, then Champagne Flavored Jamaican Kola.

And of course, the always essential: Fish Head.

Bless you, Western Beef. The one-two punch of Trader Joe's and Duane Reade may have closed my local D'Agostino's, but you're still there, like a cockroach, or Cher, or Fish Head.


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Isn't that expensive for fish head?

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