Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Books Are Exciting!

So, our dear friend Damon is a hero!

He's pictured above left at a previous Bookfair, I think this was 2004 or thereabouts. Most years, I get to celebrate my birthday with him, which is a pretty good consolation prize for not being home.

Anyway, this post isn't about my birthday, or even our friendship.

You may have seen this piece on NPR, or elsewhere:

Sadly, that's what happens when you go to 3rd World Countries like "England."

Fortunately, Kiwi-trained heroes abound, even on Knife-Crime Island. Here's what our Damon did:

Heroism! Cussing! Spectacles! Book business is fun! In the end, Sir Franzen got his glasses back, Damon and I had beer and "nachos" (pictures TK), and then I read about half of Freedom on the flight home. All in all, Win Win Win. Except for the miscreant.

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