Monday, June 6, 2011

Someone Needs a Bear Hug!

This Anthony Weiner thing is just too ridiculous, I can't even comment. However, my favorite part, thank you New York Times...

On Monday evening, Mr. Weiner, who has kept a conspicuously low profile in recent days, canceled an appearance at a forum at Queens Pride House in Jackson Heights on the implications of health care reform for the gay community.

Pauline Park, President of Pride House, said Mr. Weiner, a proponent of gay rights, would have found a sympathetic crowd at the community center, which has hosted events ranging from Nepalese dance troupes to support groups for H.I.V-positive mothers and fathers and mixers for overweight, bearded gay men, who call themselves bears.
Oh, those overweight bearded gay men. They'd have been so sympathetic!

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ALH said...

How do people not realize that things you put on the Internet are public and eventually come to light? I mean, except personal blogs.